10 Favourite Couple Portraits!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

2014 has been a year filled with fun, love, colours and emotions! We came across loads of amazing weddings and beautiful couples! Shout out to all these lovely photographers who rekindle the spirit of love in every frame! Today, we have come up 10  favourite couple portraits of 2014. From Maldives to Marina, they have covered it all! Hope you guys love each of them,as much as we do! 934788_508647585946077_5368388602949463730_n Vipin Photography (39) 10372091_10152678956808824_3365220755189996932_n 10357817_743312065746037_4585464871653315760_n 10405694_766596366705875_3245876965669073003_n 10169282_638877259493585_948161683_n 10502205_888745051144294_3370923484442158281_n 10455768_652473924846019_7397036426455217315_n 10583869_766341806766722_2947351378969962095_n 10615463_848711601806198_8931874245917414339_n

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