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We encourage brides who go out of their way to make a statement that is bold and beautiful. And our latest favorite has to be contrasting blouses in brides as the mix and match colors to make something gorgeous. It is your big day and no woman should be afraid of experimenting, o up to your designer and tell them you are open to choices. You might regret never expanding your horizons and going for the same old tried and tested colors time and again. We went through the wedding pictures of our Shopzters brides and found the 10 who carried it off with poise and elegance.


1. Preetha has done a great job, matching an ink Blue blouse with a Red and Gold saree! Instant attraction, this one.CB (1)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2avooWd

2. Madhurya has matched her Pink saree with a puff sleeved Yellow blouse with beautiful bits of Green here and there!CB (2)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2aJeQob

3. The Pink blouse for the Gold saree just adds to the cutsie image of the bubbly bride! Good choice Smirthi!

CB (3)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2bi29mC

4. Swetha has paired a beautifully done Red blouse with Green work along with her golden yellow saree!CB (4)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2ba8xN0

5. A classic combination of Yellow and Pink is used by Tharini. Her Sari is complimented by that beautifully stitched blouse.CB (5)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2aVeuOJ

6. An amazing bottle green blouse with work all over it has taken that Red and Gold Saree to a whole new level! Good job by DivyaCB (6)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2beUKVb

7. That striking Purple blouse is the right match for that beautiful Orange Gold saree! Job well done Indu!CB (7)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2bi2gPk

8. Though Sivani's blouse is Pink, the work in Green catches all the attention.CB (8)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2aMhsBp

9. A standout blouse choice by Meghna for her Yellow Saree. The deep Purple blouse is so in now!CB (9)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2aNLUhQ

10. A brave decision by Sravya, pairing a Yellow saree with an Orange blouse, but she has done a great job!CB (10)

Read her wedding story here - http://bit.ly/2aVfvq4

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