12 Times Sneha & Prasanna Gave Us Couple-Fashion Goals

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

This couple has on so many occasions made our hearts melt completely at how adorable and cute they are. But to know that they actually take the time out from their busy schedules to match each other at public events is what has us in awe of their love and affection. From wearing matching hoodies to outfits sharing shades of purple and orange, they seem to carry it off together with poise. Especially the Moonstruck 2015 shoot they did together which had them oozing elegance and panache. The icing on the cake? Their little baby boy who can't help but join the fashion statement his parents are making. Read their wedding story here. 1957674_1034033176624284_3036460074224652479_o10623755_1034033179957617_32709623092435302_o 10268630_671116979609362_14414037155351386_n 13007228_1319985551362377_9029045308803812799_n 11694913_1278301985530734_6903252616765174347_n 10339584_671117486275978_6555976646233418473_n 21611_1247600878600845_121217230885443777_n 12243373_1218980784796188_2812677575476870398_n 13516586_1366686416692290_5422363631271371952_n 12376112_1235374103156856_8291654696850470461_n 11071945_1097373633623571_4593083902987911676_n 13512238_1294667677228071_3562618022413717884_n

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