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There is a recent take on floral invites that has become all the rage with this generation and rightly so. This contemporary take of the floral theme stems from the fact that design and minimalism has become a deep rooted lifestyle choice and most couples extend it to their wedding ideas as well. A good thing to keep in mind is that your invites match the color theme of your wedding, if you are predominantly using white, pink or even if it is a particular texture like wood, it can be incorporated into the design choices you make.You can also experiment with the different strokes used, watercolor or oil paint based floral designs stand out with their elegance. If you are willing to shell out extra, then you could use recycled paper and such to truly bring out the nature theme in your invite.   f2ba36b87ea0a881ccecb4ad44ccbd08 fc8de2bb90df41160f8fb5376136ce84 5d0b5c1f996ffcc861623c2d64576575 8bafa8c3a5e12827ef023d5f3a00ff5c 65fa2e135a98234b4dc9cd7f29689359 621df5143b8d4bd66ea9999e3aba5190 4366dc101b2c4ec2a8bf47786796c899 4946c7c37ba43aa6ea61e1775ed741f3 4189237a96dd9096dc57d416ab6d99e6 4357753167ac932a98b98f79f5e99241 bab25c5ee7612156e9a77e91b57ba2e5 d1dff82cd3fecfeb94e60ef94d11c1ec dce828a41db0d47ea15f8b2d14bd435e e46ea3acd7801418a1b358cc5376ad693eae6e65dd954501c2b34b44994cded8  

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