2015 Trending Blouse Designs – Part 2

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Ladies!! Getting your Kancheepuram silks ready for the upcoming festive season? Try out these trending blouse designs to sass up your traditional silk sarees and bring out the fashionista in you.

1. Elbow length sleeve design Blouses with sleeve till the elbows were the fashion on the 90's. This has re-emerged with the sleeves full of embellishments or embroidery. This makes the upper hand look thinner. This design on a silk saree blouse will be a perfect one for your Muhurtham.

elbow length

2. Kundan work on blouse In recent times, young women are particularly drawn to kundan jewellery. This particular adoration for them has also expanded to adding kundan work on the saree blouses and other outfits too. These designs make the blouse look distinguished and give your outfit an extravagant look.

elbow length 1

Courtesy: Anugraha Designer Studio, Tirupur.

3. Cut work blouse design Cut work designs are basically two layers. The top layer has the intricate designs with a plain bottom layer which is basically a cloth in a different colour or even a different type of material. These kinds of cut work designs are hugely loved by the young brides.


Courtesy: Anugraha Designer Studio, Tirupur.

4. Back round cut design The back of the blouse having a perfect round shape is almost always the girls favourite. Young girls love wearing sarees with all the different back designs and this is always on their minds as their first choice. This goes best when the blouse has a close neck in the front.

back round

Courtesy: Anugraha Designer Studio, Tirupur.

5. Boat neck with backless Boat neck is always the crowds favourite. You can add a little bit chic to it by going backless or at least almost backless if you have restrictions. This gives you a classy, elegant yet trendy look. This kind of blouse usually has not been paired up with silk sarees. But you should definitely try this! Because this style is definitely worth it.


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