42 New And Exciting Ombre Lehengas For This Season

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

There were times when Wedding Clothes meant grandeur. Brides were decked up and loved it! Times now have changed a brides are opting for a balance between the clothing and accessories. They have become bold and daring. Gone are the days when Reds ruled the wedding scene. We have a new trend which is up and coming! Ombre is new pick for brides in general. How one colour beautifully transforms into another, in an almost magic like cohesion is something that's caught everyone's attention! Brides want strong colours like dark green, deep purple, bright pinks, ink blue and even touches of black!

We love this new change and want to share with you some Lehenga ideas for your various functions, Sangeet, Mehendi so on and so forth. These are not heavy, but are rather light, summery and beautiful! The blouses are high neck in the front and deep at the back, and they are so in! Shout out to all the brides, mix and match, try varying colours, be the bold bride, experiment and have a blast!

So get going girls, have a look and maybe you'll decide what you're wearing for yours or your BFF's wedding! ?1799115_1069414123071951_3254279054349637002_o 10834978_989371287742902_9201897099264953458_o 1974244_924131750933523_4352189080074323389_o 10549963_921745941172104_5551494908527998125_o 10454366_929739083706123_8366021854538283525_o10608194_928097127203652_7060302609209985142_o 10496980_925781300768568_3871175566153196704_o 11794057_1147564651923564_9013239891594853191_o 11834807_1151820518164644_139090820900109231_o1375162_1135428233137206_49321757085888665_n 11873509_1150643964948966_1246600851866432111_n 10526104_920492897964075_5285851829020960300_n 18620_1069866686360028_7064125426627056255_n10294474_1000380939975270_1410670102326034778_n10806192_1000355266644504_8682484547751612417_n 48493a812e1f557a4eba8a12b66e95e2 97973561504aa4d5de818369c61ae054 a4348ee7090fce74d3c9371a3e7c1404 b0efdc9257089b4bdd60b48e6f5a8cceb2673d5506e0a305be3b6bcaafe6914c c80b707348fffc7e1132383e1988bf93 c873f683a10d56af94f75d994071fbd5d33e9e7c0028f66d20e787a526885dac e907db3c4d0ea5e9fc5be743d9aaf379 f8397273ab2b940f9c74055984e91a52 02f208ab3cebe1759b704d1a64b4e1d23e1651a5c62783148c99c59224da9cec 8edac8e4c330f314c4d1cb37d2567717 6e9db4910eb534bcf98d7bfe9d9db9da 6d76c811677cbbf3e496a5d67c3a8043825bc0c7aa866109c482278e7e04314f 2183eac71f21b925d2077f86307fd13e20849c5e6035f81992414d963489bcab 3cbb4a65fe19c5a98c95ff91d0ab2504 032733b0fbce22ced0d8e5701b97cba9 29470ef6721c022d93e65464e0bcc80d6953cde4d44c8ef81f4f4301a0276c95 bcea72bd049e08d30e1a9b47c7a06758 e03bb02e47579f49a0cf388628085565

Credits : Priyal Prakash, Pernias Pop Up Shop, Mrunalini Rao

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