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Bridal blouses have found a blooming market in the wedding industry. A bride on an average spends 3-4 months looking for or designing the perfect blouse for her wedding day. So we decided to put together a few simple and attainable elements of design that aren't too difficult to achieve and look absolutely put together.  

Leaf Motifs The leaf motif is as old as time, however you could customise it to your needs. Though most brides pick embroidery since it is simpler, aari work is a good alternative. It looks great, instantly lifting the look of your blouse and is intricate compared to just ordinary embroidery.Leaf 02

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Leaf 03

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Leaf 01

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Checked Sleeves Experimenting with checks is always fun, you could even pick diagonal checks to spice things up a bit. The best part is that these checks can be filled in with motifs, gotta patti work or even stones. Choose different colours of the checks to match your sari and the motifs to match your jewellery, customising the blouse beautifully.

Checks 04

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Checks 01

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Mirror Work This blouse is a great way to create a seemingly heavy blouse without the actual weight of embroidery or hefty fabric. The only problem that arises with this style is that often brides find the mirrors uncomfortable, so make sure to try the blouse beforehand and add extra lining if the work irritates your skin. Mirror Work 02

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Mirror Work 01

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Cutwork Back If you think you have what it takes to carry a bold back, then this trend is definitely for you. Cutwork blouses look absolutely stunning and can be customised to match your sari in any way. You could add drops of stones, Swarovski work or even net to the gaps in case you aren't comfortable with showing skin.Cutwork 02

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Cutwork 01

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Net Patch - One of our personal favourites, this is the classiest choice to make. Since you can pick the net from a range of almost completely transparent to not-so see through, this can be adopted easily by any bride. Plus, there is no limit to the embroidery that can be done on the fabric to enhance the blouse. You can customise the net back to match your comfort, from just a patch to the entire back. Net Back 02

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Net Back 01

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