7 Hushed Getaways You Should Add To Your Holiday Plan With Your New Groom!

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Them, Hushed Getaways, Less Tech-Interruptions and Lazy Brunches With The Love Of Your Life! Don't you wish you could just steam them away from the world? Just for some time, so you could stop being busy, go radio silent to the rest of the world and just make it all about just the two of you! We're suggesting the best, escape-away with the love of your life!   Tamara, Coorg Source: thetamara.com Tucked away into quiet, peace, calm and everything good you can possibly think of, including nature, Tamara in Coorg is an ideal getaway. Tree houses and conveniently located cottages that give you some time alone. Ease out on that busy life and give each other the best time you deserve. Tamara Tamara 1 Tamara 2  
Carmelia Haven, Thekkady Source: carmeliahaven.com This place is known for its gorgeous looking cottages, hidden among beautiful plantations. You don't have to consciously put away that phone of yours, it would just happen and you'd be surprised! Carmelia is sure going to make you redefine sweet getaways.. Truly God's Own! Carmelia   The Machan, Lonalava Source: themachan.com Did you know that life in this world has so much more to offer than just tech-bound work life, city roads and busy metro rails? If you say no, then we suggest head straight to? The Machan with your spouse! Because this place is ready to show you the other side of life, the side where stress stays away and you blend in with nature. You'd be surprised that an escape to this place could remind you that life is what you make out of it! SONY DSC Machan 1   Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Madhya Pradesh Source: jamtarawilderness.com Nature and thrill loving couple! This one's for you! You're in for an into-the-wild experience at Jamtara Camp. Stars over your head, is the best kind of roof you can have over your head! The quite an exotic experience here will make you fall in love with the wild! Jamtara   La Villa, Pondicherry Source: lavillapondicherry.com When in Pondicherry, act French! Well, at La Villa, you don't have to act, the place itself gives you a totally French feel. A hot cup of tea in the corner of a beautiful garden with your love, only gets better if you're planning to take a walk around the French town and try some French cuisine. La villa La villa 1   Kurumba Village Resorts, Coonoor Source: natureresorts.in Kurumba is an exclusively designed luxury resort that offers more than just an experience. It literally throws you in the lap of nature and lets you in on a totally better look of life if we try an embrace what nature has to offer. Kurumba Kurumba 1   Great Mount Resorts, Coimbatore Source: greatmountresort.com The perfect escape, a place where time slows down so you and the love of your life can relish all that love and quiet time together! Planning to get back to reality after a stay at Great Mount? Let us know how that works. :P Great Mount 1 Great Mount 2

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