9 Jhumka Types That Add Sparkle To Your Wedding Day!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Jhumka is a must in any South Indian Wedding. I know how much South Indian brides love it, including me! So.. This one's for all those crazy jhumka lovers!

Antique Jhumka: Flaunt yourself with a pair of vintage jhumkas with traditional designs that will set you a class apart! Such ethnic designs are sure to set you apart from the rest of the crowd!




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Ruby Jhumka: These beautiful red stoned jhumkas are completely royal! Love the traditional yet sophisticated look it gives when worn! ruby_jhumkas 6f47dfb52c7ffe5a457c5f2366eb5e99 45ae0fc6b0d7cc22b39a14e218bc9d32 f4912e4e3f3549046b94bf2aa824c644 f9429e9882fc5672e4a775a137d489b4 19870c772bfe90fda66b5835d3c0ca2f 685bf93e07eb49abb315202e049fb06c 274-1024x768 Ruby

Diamond Jhumkas: The dazzling diamond jhumkas are always a hit with a crowd! Nothing can ever match the sparkling effect that it gives!

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Big Jhumkas:

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Big earring Big earring1

Long Jhumkas: The latest trend is these jhumkas that cover/reach till your ear! Flaunt this style and stay in fashion!

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Ear long1 Ear long2

Pearl Jhumkas: Simple yet elegant, pearl jhumkas can be worn for daily wear or parties and other functions. In these type of jhumkas, pearls are strung across the circumference of the Jhumka and a pearl drop is hung in the middle.

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Silver Jhumkas: Silver jhumkas which are light weight are a welcome relief to the usual designs. They are painstakingly handcrafted and made to perfection!


Silver T

erracotta Jhumkas: Terracotta is the present day young girls latest addiction! Made of clay, these signature pieces add some class to whatever you choose to wear!

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Contemporary Jhumkas: These designer wear jhumkas are specially designed for women with a trendy outlook. If you are looking to blend tradition with fashion, this one's for you!

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I want to buy this jhumkas..how can i get it pls tell me

26 Aug 2016

A Golden Tulip

Love jhumkas, one more bonus to go for traditional wear... long jhumkas covering the ear is so on my wishlist! :) xo Hems http://agoldentulip.blogspot.com/

26 Dec 2014

Akhila Natesan

all the jhumkas were superb....but how can i buy that....is there any source?

24 Dec 2014


Polymer clay jhumkas have been missed out! They are very colorful and have a very nice texture and feel to it. Do check them out here http://www.koraltree.com/Jhumkas-catid-411133-page-1.html

29 May 2015


Actually I was very much impressed with this collection but where I have to purchase them.

22 Jun 2016

Sapna Banyal Bhosale

How to buys this jhumkas kindly help for that

9 May 2017
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