A Colourfully Decked Hall With A Traditional Touch For A Beautiful Engagement!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

An engagement marks the start of a beautiful future, an adventurous path that slowly unfolds for a bride and groom. Sravanthi and Srinath decided to embark on this coveted journey together, vowing to go hand in hand every step of the way. A stately young man, surprisingly shy in front of the love of his life, Srinath attracted many glances from the packed hall, decked with mirrored tapestry and colorful sheets of silk. Sravanthi on the other hand, demure and beautiful to look at was the life of the event, spreading cheer and laughter as she pleasantly greeted friends and family on her special day. Capturing the very essence of their special day together, these photographs shot by Pixel Army freeze those fleeting seconds as Srinath sets aside his gentlemanly reserve for few seconds as he stares lovingly into the eys of his future wife. Dressed royally in gold with pink flowers to accentuate her delicate beauty, Sravathi returns his love, steadfastly gripping her beau's arms in most of the captured moments. A colorfully decked hall at Taj Krishna, matches the mood of the engagement with bright red flowers and drapes interrupted with golden flowers, while the natural subtle scent of the lilies contrast the bold royal blue suit that Srinath dons for the muhurtham. Chanting the sacred prayers as they take the first step into their future life as husband and wife, Srinath and Sravanthi exchange a fleeting smile as they prepare to embark on this journey as a newly wed couple.

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Hi, may i know where did u buy ur lehenga ?? it is simple superb

4 May 2016
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