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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Hi friends! This post is definitely about a wedding but with a difference! A personal project of mine... Very close to my heart! I have always wanted to help brides who can only dream of their wedding! Where do they go for all the money? Most often, they bury their desires, for they cannot afford all these frills! unnamed (2)Shopzters is taking its first baby steps in this direction; in helping the bride realize her dream! Thoughts are indeed powerful! What is amazing is, as I was thinking on those lines, I heard about this girl from Salem who is the eldest of 4 sisters and her father could not even afford to conduct her wedding. So the boy's side took it up and I thought I could do my bit as well! Shopzters has introduced me to a whole new world filled with such lovely people and I thank God for that! I never knew getting help was so easy! Shopzters will continue to do it, God willing! unnamed (3) We are ever grateful to the following people for their interest and immense effort in making this happen. This wouldn't have been possible without their efforts too. Thank you so much!!                                                                                         unnamed (7)

Ms. Purnima Tanna, a very busy lady, agreed instantaneously and sent her team from Nancy Beauty Parlour all the way from Erode to give a makeover for the bride.                                                                                                                      unnamed (5)

Lavanya, a sweet and earnest girl that she is, wanted to help. She sent all the accessories for the bride including flowers and kept mentioning how happy she was that she could help and was ready to do more!                                                     unnamed (1)

Shanth Photography, team of Shanth and Anand who are beginners in the field, wanted to partake in this event and gave the groom and the bride their best memories to take home. unnamed There are a lot of women out there dreaming about their big day knowing that it might not be possible. This is a small initiative from Shopzters to make at least few of their dreams come true. You might know someone whose family is not financially sound to organise her wedding, do bring her to our notice and we might be able to help her of course with the help of our vendors! unnamed (4)  

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