A Tale of Two Mallus

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

We haven't seen a Syrian Christian wedding on our blog so far and to break the spell, here you go guys! Featuring the beautiful wedding of Tanya & Navin at Kottayam, shot by Gayatri Nair of Weddings by Gayatri. "After I left Chennai to shoot their wedding at Kottayam, half way through my journey, a really sinking feeling set in that I had forgotten to bring memory cards. I stopped the car, and checked my bags and indeed I had forgotten! I started to panic! I was miles away from the city and around me were only small towns where I knew I would not be able to find the high-capacity/high performance cards I use'to shoot weddings. Thankfully I happened to know about Elvin, who had shot in Kottayam several times, and found a studio in Kottayam (that kept faster cards and that were nice enough to stay open for me!). I can't remember the same of the studio but I really want to thank them for staying open and helping me! This wedding shoot would not have been possible without you! Thankfully, the wedding next morning, went off smoothly and everything worked like a charm (except I was a little slower than normal due to the card speed). I'm sure, Tanya & Navin had no clue about all this as they were quite the chirpy couple smiling through what I am convinced was the hottest day in Kottayam. I was also really impressed with the post-wedding reception, something I've never witnessed before or since. Everyone sat. Everyone stayed quiet while people talked on stage. I also liked how simple the wedding lunch menu was. There was pulao rice, raita, fried fish, chicken curry followed by a pudding. If only other couple follow this simplicity. I'm tired of seeing 100 items on wedding menus! In the evening, there was an intimate reception held in Kumarakom with some speeches, cake, bubbly followed by some dance floor shenanigans (which I can't post). Thank you Tanya & Navin for having me over!" :) 11070674_1082621111764419_3703702485069300881_o A Take of 2 Mallus 11066642_1082621381764392_7282435215371124023_o 10984561_1082621411764389_5773358509822425541_o 11039083_1082618865097977_6860675825577007564_o 11044966_1083111251715405_3581900648272644332_o 11035634_1082619195097944_7856929653718009313_o 11066065_1082621595097704_5859711765052215676_o 1800142_1082619355097928_8401337557740154270_o 11034423_1082621491764381_2150270415918720738_o 10866074_1082619478431249_3625974093474435006_o 10515188_1082621771764353_1830593106603693861_o 11046734_1082619651764565_4914951802561060949_o 11054468_1082619671764563_5592142366256155195_o 10669296_1082619488431248_3902001858676470507_o A Take of 2 Mallus2 11071838_1082619938431203_479504672353606844_o 10623357_1082619995097864_6021151476381298980_o 11077913_1082620548431142_808692713195341565_o 10454990_1082620118431185_2215035927165897850_o 10865774_1082620268431170_7533650438348598341_o A Take of 2 Mallus1 10857334_1082621995097664_6608866230302483514_o 10329949_1082620261764504_1599627831364680219_o 11053179_1082622031764327_1678655156447397745_o 11066548_1082620098431187_772844244399902385_o 10855071_1082622178430979_5450462781047047565_o 11074623_1082620595097804_1305694095253800105_o 11043463_1082620665097797_2424265242275003547_o 10928902_1082622881764242_973000169538620428_o 11053706_1082622508430946_5319504457873787914_o 11070739_1082620701764460_2480912001336658797_o 11059756_1082620855097778_1732728167139178102_o 1497848_1082622611764269_2263101391373809181_o 10865828_1082622911764239_8081841353819254837_o 11054397_1082623011764229_6933843679945972043_o 11029479_1082623035097560_5589478791758643645_o

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lovely pics..its very natural.

14 Sep 2015


Love the pictures!!!! I would be extremely grateful if you could kindly tell me where this beautiful bride got her white and gold wedding saree! I have been looking for something like this for ages...

8 Apr 2016
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