A Tribute To Our Photographers On World Photography Day

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Photography is an art, and like any art form, this too needs a lot of passion. More than the physical components of a camera, it's often the instinct of the photographer that gets you a perfect picture. They see things clearly, they visualize it and then they capture it. We at Shopzters would like to thank all the Photographers, who've followed their passion, come what may! And given us pieces of our memory to hold onto and cherish for the rest of our lives! Here, we have a collection of photographs from the photographers themselves, moments that are memorable to the ones who capture memories, in their own words! Thanks guys, and Happy Photography Day to you!  

Studio A by Amar Ramesh: Its tough to select a favourite picture because there are thousands and thousands of them. Mostly one picture from my previous shoot always will be a favourite because my memory is very short lived. So this shot I can say is my recent favourite as it was shot 2 weeks ago and the amount of hassles we went through to get he shot was just too much. Finally it was all worth it. The Navajo (Native American people) call it the place where water runs through rocks and it is literally true. The stunning Antelope Canyon is one of the most unearthly places on the planet, with all the light play and the peace it holds . The beautiful carved slots and their rich, colourful sandstones resemble a dreamscape. The kind of environment we had was constantly evolving because of the overhead sun shifts. The lovely couple Sowmya and Saideep reflected the mood so well and I had a blast shooting their session.14087577_10202044462429449_825088477_o Ashok Arsh Photography: This was the first picture I took. It was in Koyembedu. This is special because only after this, the world knew about Ashok Arsh the Photographer. 1Creative Wedding Photography: While the bride and groom were busy with the rituals, the groom's sister and her fiance were busy with their own photo session. 2                       The Memory Writers: While we were trying to take a Wedding Video, the bride got so shy, she could hardly utter a word. Soon the groom joined her too! 3 Mystic Studios: This pic is our recent favourite! We decided to have this couple's photo shoot in a village in Pollachi and had planned to start with the shoot at 6 in the morning. However, the couple arrived late at around 11 as it took time for the bride to get ready. As they arrived, suddenly, goats came their way, an old man came with haystack, an old woman came with the rural lunch box etc.. It all happened as if it were meant to be!14054787_10210470256900785_1421478962_n                                              Vipin Photography: There is always a magical cinematic feel when the couple tie the knot! It is one of the most important moments in anyone's life and being a photographer, it becomes our first priority to capture that moment. Most often, it gets missed as we have a lot of people around. This is one of the few weddings where we got the perfect shot and so my favourite! 11709992_854990271222031_4744062348484270023_o Vasanth Photography: I got lucky with the location. We were heading to the actual location and we found this spot on the way! 4 Vinod Kumar Photography: For the first time I tried to bring a Western look and style. Managing the client and the horse was a challenge, but this spot remains to be my favorite.                            5                                          Sudhan & Lee Photography: When the flood hit Pondicherry, we were there for the Post Wedding Shoot. We spent the whole day shooting in a room. 6The Photo Today: We loved the Seascape behind the couple, but capturing the sunset was amazing and we are lucky to have witnessed that beautiful a sunset! 7The Picture Makers: Here a prop, there a prop, everywhere a prop-prop... What you don't see are the human props that got Vivaan smiling for the shutter. 8@manoj-sasidharan# Photography: Almost had to put the camera into the water to get the shot. Since I wanted this specific shot, thought I'll risk it. Had to dry the cam with a blow dryer later! 9             Zero Gravity Photography: This one is special because we planned the entire ambience for the wedding. Everything was pre-planned and we were able to execute it the way we wanted to! 10Aaron Obed: The location and the couple made this shoot a memorable one. This is one of our favourite places to shoot at! 11Yadhu Photography: When these guys said to choose a special picture, I told them that all were special, and asked them to choose their favourite! 12 Once Upon a Time  Wedding Tales: It was a risky shoot as the couple were sitting on the edge of a cliff, but their belief in us made it worth the simmering heat! 14                                              Shot Stories by Varun Suresh: This was a destination wedding attended by 20 odd people. It was raining like crazy during the pheras, but the couples friends held the umbrellas over the pyre and our cameras! Memories for a lifetime! 15Regan Raj Photography: This is special because of the location. On the day of the shoot, the weather was perfect was the shoot! I visit this place often but I've never experienced the weather of that day till now! 16Rohan Mishra Photography: It's our favourite because it has the right mix of emotion and drama imbibed into it. It beautifully showcases the pain of bidding goodbye to her family and the special bond she shares with her brother. Amazing emotion, outstandingly captured! Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography (www.rohanmishraphotography.com)

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