A Twilight Love Story

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Remember the couple (Sindhu & Prabhu) from Erode who had a royal wedding? Well, This perfect couple, not only made heads turn with their wedding, but also with their couple shoot. Right from finding a scenic resort to bringing in the best suited attire, they know how to bring in grandeur in whatever they do. Let's hear more about their couple shoot from the photographer, Srinivas RS of Smiles and Dreams! "Sindhu and Prabhu left no stone unturned to keep us on our toes.Well they had planned out everything, they bought a truck load of clothes ( to be exact car load ), sketched out what to wear for each location. We photographers had to raise our benchmark to keep up with their energy.

We stayed on location for two days, that gave us enough and more time to plan and shoot. We had choices, we made plans, we even chose from a wide clothes line and executed plans. In the end we came up with three ideas ( Late eve, morning and conceptual ). Here is the first leg of it, shot entirely at eve ( twilight to be exact!). 1.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-1125 2.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-1142-Edit 3.Prabu-Sindhu-diptych-1 4.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-462-Edit 5.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-1196-Edit-Edit 6.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-296-1-2 7.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-327-Edit 9.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-395-Edit 10.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-371-Edit 11.20150418-Prabu-Sindhu-Outdoor-Shoot-1259-Edit

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