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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Traditional Silk House boasts of a stunning array of collections which include some scintillating range of silk and silk cotton sarees in vibrant colours. It is an online boutique which offers 100% handwoven silk sarees and silk sarees from Kanchipuram at nominal prices. They also provide sarees at wholesale prices.Come, drape yourself in unique sarees with lots of colours and patterns and patterns to choose from!!. 12832422_1031949663545117_421157380853588589_n 12813948_1032695780137172_1714295499601528859_n 12805966_1032710220135728_7452910178401294856_n 12803248_1031978060208944_6632771246551907788_n 12744445_1024319170974833_5198892219670384437_n 12654212_1013446822062068_4381098890424838166_n 12647295_1013446125395471_5524919023049560630_n 12801472_1045962065477210_8550206052879337770_n 12049656_1045962018810548_9056454485059694379_n 10391452_1045961605477256_5593978885555970341_n 1470107_1045961558810594_1313959848484998072_n 1618620_1044930988913651_3475214857188816947_n 1463608_1039805216092895_2588273422313527566_n            

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