And That's How You Spelled It Right With Flowers!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Flowers, Love, Imagination Mix them all and you have a series of brilliant photographs to feast your eyes upon. Varma Inc. decided to say it all with flowers and what a spellbinding way to make a statement!

First look at the pictures and we were sold. Another look and we wowed. Third look and we went, Wait, how did they pull this so perfectly?  Not sure what we are talking about? Check out the flowers on the water body. It is easy to make the flowers stay on a boat or on rocks. But water moves! And so must the petals. What magic has been done to the pictures because as hard as we tried to squint, we couldn't find any stray flowers? And the whole idea of spelling out love with fingers had a nice personal touch about it. And don't we love the way the boat adds personality to the image, flanked on one side by a white scape of nothingness and on the other end, by a pink spread of flower petals on blue waters?

And so, under the showers of beautiful petals raining on the couple, they loved happily ever after...

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