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Jewellery is an integral part of our Indian culture, especially during weddings. Wedding jewellery always holds a lot of significance, specifically for the brides. Any bride would want to wear unique jewellery on her wedding day, so that she looks nothing less than a princess. Bridal jewellery has evolved and gone through a lot of changes over the years. Indian brides too, have evolved with their to their taste in the selection of their wedding Jewellery. the-big-shop1The latest sensation for all the brides is the antique jewellery. It has been in vogue for years and years together. It has never gone outdated, as it is crafted with care in order to feature fine workmanship. It goes perfectly with our Indian bridal wear, be it a saree or a lehenga. Modern day brides prefer their jewellery to have a vintage look, hence the ultimate choice is the antique jewellery. The antique jewellery is usually designed in the form of motifs like gods, flowers etc. cb25__gold_572363f
For any Indian bride, traditional,weddig, Jewellery studded with stones and gems are a fascination. These stone studded designs are the classy ones for now and forever. Ruby and Emerald,have been in fashion for ages and are even considered auspicious. No wonder, they rule all our Indian weddings, no matter what the current trend is. antique-jewelleryAntique or vintage jewellery can be of two types:

  1. The ancestral jewellery that is passed down from the previous generation.
  2. The custom jewellery that is made to look like its vintage.

A lot of people now prefer to appoint a designer and design their own jewellery for the big day. In that way, the bride gets to choose right from the metal to its look, size, design, colour etc. They even customize the bangles, ear rings and so on according to a theme so that all the jewels complement each other and even go with the wedding dress. The antique jewellery is generally considered to be more expensive than the rest of the gold jewellery due to it's intricate design, shade and also the wastage that is involved during the making of the jewellery. antique-jewellery1So, are you a bride who loves antique jewellery? Please share your love for it in the comments section below!

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Wow what a stunningly beautiful collection of ,a href="">vintage jewellery :)

29 Aug 2015
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