6 Photo-shoot Ideas For Every Animal Lover

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 9th-Oct-2017

After a tiresome work before the wedding, animals have always been a soul-soothing companion in keeping your calm. It wouldn’t be right in returning a favour if you’re going to leave them out of the picture (do you understand?) Your most favourite pet by your side, bestowing its blessings on you and your partner, here are umpteen of ideas to quirk up your big day with them. First things first, don’t just plan your pictures that are just about you and your bae. Give the poor animal some of it’s inevitable space, please. For he/she has always been there for you in making you stress-free and tension-less with their timidity!

Incorporating a camel in your photo-shoot is going to give you the arabian nights feels.

Photo credits - Studio A

Dogs being the faithful animals that they are, having them in the frame is your first step towards loyalty

Photo credits - Memory lanes

A sheep is a furry creature that tends to give you some intimacy. wink wink 

Photo credits - Studio A

Having a goat in your photo shoot is sure to give it a rural feel, straight out of Bharathiraja's movies

Photo credits - Mystic Studio

A horse always calls for might and stregth. athough having them in your photoshoots is going to give you all the might and strength we tell you

Photo credits - Mystic studio

A bull gives you a very rugged-y look, tailored with some compassion and brazeness

Photo credits - Studio A 


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