A Haldi That Looks So Calm But Was Alot Of Fun

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 11th-Aug-2017

Bride Ayisha along with her family members seems to look like is having alot of fun and frolic. With no pre-wedding shivers on her face, she more so looks like she loves and is completely enjoying the phase that she is in now. Wearing a subtle shaded lehenga and afterward sporting a bright red one, she transforms herself both ways. Subtle yet stunning. Bright and bold. Not to forget mentioning her jewellery and choice of designs. They are so in trend and do not look decked up but rather elegant and to the point. The members of her family are also taking the phase so well, women striking poses and having the time of their lives. The album by Magic Motion Media is about to rip all stereotypes that only boys should have all the fun. 


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