A Photo Shoot That Reminds Us Of A Typical Maniratnam Movie

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 7th-Jan-2018

Celebrating love has now become possible through photo shoots. Studio Vaibhava has now been a part of a very romantic photo shoot that gives us clear vibes of being amidst an authentic Maniratnam's movies from the 90's. Be it the red fort, the Taj Mahal, the floral garden, the beautiful pine tree forest, the snow-clad scenery, the strong and mighty bridge, the lushious green fields, all gives us major scenes of reminiscence-ing the "Pachai niramey" song from Maniratnam's Alaipayuthey. We had recently posted the video version of this shoot. In case you missed it, click here to watch!

We have fallen head over heels in love with this and feel that all you young lovers out there who are fanatics of Maniratnam should try this too! 



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