A Profuse Couple-Shoot With A Blend Of Culture, Tradition And Western Charm

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 6th-Nov-2017

Something that’s royal and abundantly classy. Yes, we’re talking about the recent destination venture of Jeevan wedding arts. A visual story of two doctors who flew all the way from Malaysia to the land of varied cultures, India, just to do their couple-shoot right. Jaipur, was it. The serene atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, the royal courtyards, the brilliant gardens, the fine craftsmanship and what not! Jaipur has been at its finest beauty just for these two love birds to get their shots a notch higher than ever. The couple have dressed themselves up so much in style and in accordance with the vibe of Jaipur. We must admit that the camera has worked absolutely in favour of the couple since they’ve been presented with such elegance on screen.   




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