A Quaint Star-Studded Hindu-Christian Wedding!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 11th-Apr-2019

Nothing like capturing emotions and sensitive moments on camera. Especially on the big day of a bride and groom. Say Cheese Captures are known to capture such emotional and candid photos!

In this particular wedding of Aishwarya and Abilash, there were a whole lot of emotions surrounding the wedding as the bride lost her dad, a famous Malayalam movie director, a few days before the wedding. So many touching moments and fleeting emotions are well captured, painting a beautiful picture on their big day.

This wedding turned out to be a photographer’s delight as there were two contrasting ceremonies at the wedding. Both the Christian church wedding and the Hindu wedding have been clicked artfully, painting a photo story of all the wedding events.

Adding more colour and fun, the wedding was star-studded. The groom’s uncle turned out to be Tamil director, P.Vasu and gracing the events were famous celebrities like Sibiraj, Singer Sujatha, Kasturi and many more. 

Say Cheese photographers once again prove their suave by clicking beautiful emotions and portraiture in a beautiful gala wedding.


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