A Serene Shaded Mehndi Of Aadav And Vinodhinee!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 27th-Dec-2017

Mehndis have become one of the most inevitable parts of a wedding ceremony. It has become a moment of joy, where the bride unleashes her inner excitement as a spinster. It has become an event where the bride and her squad live their moments. Here is one such mehndi ceremony where the bride has lived every moment to the fullest. With scads of shade green and such shimmery charm, the arena looks so lit. Metaphorically and literally. 

The occassion was beautifully captured by Atlhea

The decorations by Marriage Colours is so much in accordance with the flavour of the event that it speaks for itself with such vibrance. 

For more pictures from their engagement click here.


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