A Shoot That Captured The Elegance And Grandeur Of Kanjeevaram Classics

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Weddings involve meticulous preparations and the same applies to the bride’s wardrobe. The bride is the woman of the hour and she needs to adorn herself in the most elaborate, intricately crafted outfits and ornaments. Kanjeevaram classics’ chic and dazzling collection of Bridal couture is just what the modern bride needs to add to her bridal charm and glory. There’s no dearth of choice when it comes to Kanjeevaram classics’ bridal couture collection, from pure mulberry silk masterpieces with that are truly a prized addition to the bride’s allure, to bold designs with an intrepid inter-play of vibrant hues and golden ornamentation you’ll find every possible design in this collection.

PHOTOGRAPHER : Arshad Fotography
Maestro photographer and visual artists Arshad Ahamed with his passion for photography shapes some timeless shots! The elegance and grandeur of a perfect Kanjeevaram, the split second when a sensuous smile breaks, the angle that makes the women gleam like a goddess - Arshad Ahamed captures these sublime moments brilliantly.

WARDOBE : Label by Swarupa Sathakarni
Label Swarupa Sathakarni bowls us over with their new age Kanjeevaram Bridal couture. The unique and exclusive collection is high on glamour and elegance thus stirring waves in the bridal wear scene. 

STYLING : Swarupa Sathakarni
Swarupa Sathakarni’s art of mix and match and layering creates a unique look for actress Shira Gaarg and model Mehndi Jash, creating an oh-so-chic look that we are simply CRUSHING ON!

MAKE UP/ Hair do and Jewelery : Bronzer Bridal Makeup ArtistBronzer Bridal Jewellery
Viji Knr and Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist have have crafted an inimitable look for the gorgeous women in the frames. A classic example of expectation being met and exceeded!
ACTRESS : Shira Gaarg 
The dazzling and gorgeous South Indian film actress "Shira Gaarg" is carrying off the Kanjeevaram nine-yard-wonder with extreme elegance and grace. 

MODEL : Mehndi Jash
The unmatched charm of Mehndi Jash, South India's most iconic fashion model and blogger is enhanced by the authentic Kanjeevaram Bridal Collection by Swarupa Sathakarni.



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