A Splendid Couple Shoot In The City Of Pallavas

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 23rd-Dec-2017

Chandana and Punith Reddy made one of the best decisions of their lives to be captured amidst the beautiful and splendid architectural buildings of our Pallavas in Mahabalipuram. Four different set up of photo shoots and four amusing set of pictures for all the couples to be inspired by. One photo-shoot inside the resort in Mahabalipuram where the couple wore a gown and a suit, the second one, an indoor shoot where the couple flaunted a casual wear, the third shoot at the beach-side with a cute little black dress and a casual shirt and the fourth one at the temple with traditional outfits. Every part of the photo-shoot by Pixas has did justice to the place they’ve shot it in. These set of pictures are going to be pointers for all the to-be-weds out there!


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