An Engagement Of Hearts, Latched Light On Towards Love.

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 8th-Aug-2017

Bestowed with the best of blessings from over 500 guests, the engagement of Jeyashree and Ashwanth had been a joyous occasion with a grandly decorated arena of flowers in hues of pink, while and yellow. The bride was spotted in a unique arrangement of accessories in white stones and adorned herself in pink and yellow sarees. The groom looks so enthusiastic in his sandal suit. The couple share a beautiful grace and poise in every frame. Shot by “studio untitled” the photographers Vignash Dheenadayalan and Siva Shankar claim that the couple were extremely shy to pose and were also highly cooperative and patient which in-turn resulted in the beautiful visual portrayal of the joyous evening. 



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