An Indian wedding without the elaborate decor? Undreamed of!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

These vibrant pictures are flaunting the effervescent Indian wedding décor with flower décor to garlands, from mason jars to wall hanging, from bells to little figurines. These pictures prove that while it’s important to capture the love of the bride and groom through pictures, the meticulously chosen décor shouldn’t be forgotten either, as the modern Indian couples put a lot of time and effort in picking the right the décor that’ll eventually set the tone of the event.
This is where the magic of photography comes in! While capturing the precious moments of your story the backdrop shouldn’t be overlooked. In these pictures the photographer Regan Raj Photography has endeavored to add an extra zing to the wedding shoot by highlighting the beautifully decorated venue, don’t believe us – well, the pictures say it all!


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