An Old School Love Story That's Brimming With Romance

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

 "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." This saying holds true for this couple. When you look at the pics, you will realise that they are so much in love and desperately waiting to get married! Shot beautifully by @studio-31-by-pranesh-photography# , this wedding is indeed a photographer's delight! Here's what the photographers had to say: "They say pictures speak a thousand words. And do believe us when we say we literally ran out of words to describe the love we witnessed between these two amazing souls -- Auditia and Nishanth. Every frame we've clicked has transported us back to refreshing, old school love, full of nostalgia. There was a burst of colour and happiness at every nook and corner of this wedding. Right from families, to friends and yes, every member of our team were swayed away by the energy of the bride and the groom. They were "all in" when it came to the rituals, attire, fun and just about everything. Auditia was super gorgeous making it super easy for our shutterbugs to capture her varied emotions. She made for a perfect bride, with that perfect motley of elegance, grace, innocence and a really warm smile to top it all. Whereas Nishanth is the perfect gentleman being all that his lady love wanted him to be. All that we can now say, "May the love be with you!" 




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