An Outburst Of Emotions And Feelings - Best Thaali Moments - Part -1

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 16th-Oct-2017

A moment inevitable to every bride. A moment that can never be jeopardized or forgotten. Yes, the “thaali” moment is what we’re dealing with here. A moment that marks the beginning of a new journey and a moment that reminds you time and again that nothing in the world is going to stop you from attaining your one true love. With a mixture of various emotions busted from within you, all at once, the “thaali” moments are something that will keep lingering in your mind years after your special day. Why not start re-looking on to them and attain the joy that will never be broken or taken away from you?

Pic courtesy - Creative wedding Photography 

Pic courtesy - Siraj Khan photography 


Pic courtesy - Studio 31 

Pic courtesy - Studio 31 

Pic courtesy - Studio 31 

Pic courtesy - Mystic Studio 

Pic courtesy - Eden studio 

Pic courtesy - Arun titan studio 

Pic courtesy - R nathan photography 

Pic courtesy - The memory writers 

Pic courtesy - Zero gravity 

Pic courtesy - Studio 31 

Pic courtesy - Dilipan Photography 


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