Bike Shots Every Crazy Bike Lover Should Never Miss

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 11th-Nov-2017

Just like how jewelry are a bride’s best friend, bikes are to a man. A guy can go days without food and water but he can never go a day without his bike. For crazy stunt lovers, the option is hypothetical. Bikes and crazy couples go hand in hand. Nothing in this world equals their craziness more than while they’re on their bikes doing crazy stunts waiting to get captured. For one such collection of crazy bike rides and photo-shoots, Shopzters’ is here to help you quench your thirst towards crazy stunts incorporated into couple pictures.

Posing in front of the sun, letting it rise it rays from beneath. That has to do the magic.

Pic courtesy - Zero Gravity 

Pic courtesy - The Picturemakers 

Riding on your bike with the lush green scenery beneath. Need we say more?

Pic courtesy - Focuz studios 

Parking your vehicle on a long and lonely road that leads somewhere and being able to pose like a pro.

Pic courtesy - Arun Titan Studio 

Modern and modest attires. In the middle of the road. Sharing a moment of joy, pride and love is what this couple is hinting us here.

Pic courtesy - Arun Titan Studio 

While the pro rides the bike in style, the lady love sits behind waving her dupatta in the wind. This sure works as a major way to ace up your photos.

Pic courtesy - Haha Photography 

Walls have always worked out as amazing standees for phot0 shoots. Incorporate one with bikes and you will not regret.

Pic courtesy - Zero Gravity 

A tam-brahm couple nailing this shoot like pro. While the groom rides it with joy, the bride imparts his joy and seals it her own.

Pic courtesy - The Memory Writers 

Amidst the fields, trying to share a moment that oozes of love and intimacy. That is what we’re talking about.

Pic courtesy - Aashish photography 

Pic courtesy - Aashish photography  


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