Bringing Out Surreal Vibes Of The Eighties

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 28th-Nov-2017

The eighties have been the most talked about and safeguarded kind of tradition even today. While there are people who love movies and the music from the eighties, there are people who flaunt the makeup, hairstyle and looks like from the eighties. Reminiscences from the eighties is the array of photographs here. Vithya - Hair and Make Up artist, who loves the essence of our Tamil culture has portrayed herself very beautifully and makes us wonder whether she is really from the 21st century or straight out of the eighties. While she sported a chic and ethnic sandal saree from Pothys with a maroon blouse designed by D.SIGN.D, she has did her own makeup and hairstyle. Steff assisted her while ‘The storyteller’ caught these surreal moments from behind the camera making us revisit the eighties majorly! 


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