Fireworks Ideas In Weddings That You Sure Shouldn't Miss

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Date: 18th-Nov-2017

Fireworks, the bliss they bring upon hearing the very name. Fireworks have always been an active part of most of the South-Indian weddings. Despite being extremely hazardous, fireworks have never stopped being the eye-catching elements of most auspicious occasions including our extravagant weddings. Is it really a necessity to use fireworks and crackers without proper precautions. It is always necessary to keep an eye on the fire despite all the fun you are having and are about to have. Here are few pointers from our side for you to bear in mind while including fireworks on your big day –

1.Always, always stay as far as possible from the fire.

2.Do not wear clothes that might catch fire.

3.Be a sport and do it just for fun and not to wreck anything else.

4.Most importantly, put out the fire once done. Since a little ignition might cause a huge harm.

Pic courtesy - Studio A

Pic courtesy - Rakesh prakash 

Pic courtesy - rakesh prakash 

Pic courtesy - Vipin 

Pic courtesy - Wedding Stori 

Pic courtesy - Vipin 

Pic courtesy - 84mm studio 

Pic courtesy - Studio A 

Pic courtesy - R Nathan photography 


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