Giving Us Feels Of The Rustic Railways Of South India

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 23rd-Nov-2017

Alaipayuthey. One of the most talked about movies in Tamil Cinema. None would have ever imagined making such an amazing movie and it was none other than Maniratnam who made that beautiful ballad possible. For anybody who had watched the movie, wouldn’t have forgotten the beauty of our rustic south Indian railways. One such persona was Vithya - Hair and Make Up artist who absolutely at awe and was delighted to be a part of this photoshoot amidst the iron bars, tampered seats and scratchy tires. She recalls being part of this shoot as an Alaipayuthey experience. Wearing @studio-149-by-swathiclothing#’s cold shoulder crop top with a golden skirt and dupatta, she nailed her makeup and hairstyle game. Subtle makeup, nude lips and her flow-y hair goes so well with the ambience. Anita Kamaraj  has captured these beautiful moments and given us a modern day Alaipayuthey art. 


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