Reason Behind Every Colourful And Flavoursome Wedding!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 6th-Dec-2017

Indian weddings have bound to be colourful and it would rather be a great sin if we miss out on being extravagant and colouful. Here's to the people, who often go unnoticed behind the scene. The set of fellow beings who make the wedding venues the most colourful, vibrant and most fun to be in. The unsung heroes who dance to the tunes and who make us fall in love with their music, dance and the whole idea of being exceptionally artistic. Amar Ramesh from Studio A here, is taking a bow in being grateful to all those artists who give in their best in making every wedding the most loved and memorable one. Respecting their art form and making them famous is the whole motive behind these series of pictures that are a true delight.


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