Super Fun And A Classy Outdoor Shoot At The City Of Love

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 15th-Nov-2017

Mystic Studios are back again with one of their favourite outdoor shoots in recent times. It was a beautiful rendition of Swapna & Kaushik’s pre-wedding shoot in the Taj Mahal and at the outskirts of Delhi. Celebrating love in the city of love itself. How romantic is that? Posing effortlessly with the Taj Mahal by their side, the couple seem to flaunt it all at ease! The light and royal blue lehenga of the bride and the suit of the groom compliments each other and have brought about so much colour and contrast to the frame. To everyone who would want to have Taj Mahal as part of their couple shoots. We think you should look at these and get inspired!


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