The Monsoon Wedding In God's Own Country

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 22nd-Aug-2017

June weddings are big all over the world, but in Kerala, End of June is when the first monsoon season of the year starts to kick in. While the God sent showers make us want to coze up with a hot-hot mug of coffee and a nice view from a corner window, it also drenches clothes, hair and ruins  makeup. We were delighted that the Rain God's decided to show up just  before and after our sessions which made the entire place so serene without disrupting the details. 

The wedding took place in a small beautiful temple 'Sree Parukkennchery Bhagavathy  Kshethram' 

The couple have lived their Undergrad years side by side and was in each others circle, but they never crossed paths until one of their mutual friends decided to introduce one another while they were doing their Post-Grad, halfway across the world, in London. Sparks flew all over when they met, but it wasn't love, they had their differences but when the showdown was over they held on to each other like magnets and the rest as we know is their love story. Meet Shruthi and Keval who existed in parallel worlds and the whole universe juxtaposed to bring them together. Their wedding was beautifully captured by Altar Narratives


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