This Bride's Mehandi was a Fun-O-Holic Fiesta

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

When a bride as cool and as fun as Teju is planning her Mehendi, we must feature the grand fun-o-holic event!

The stunning bride doesn’t overload herself with loads of jewels; instead, she keeps it chic and simple with dangling earrings, glittering bangles and a pair of swaggy aviators. To add to her cuteness, lovability and charm the funny photo booth props are doing just the trick.

The decor and theme are inspired by the new-age funky touch, it features grand and colorful floral backdrops that you simply can’t take your eyes off!

Photography by Fotofreaks brilliantly captures all the UBER cool quirks and magnificence of the grand function.






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