Weaved Their Names – The Oh-So-Romantic Bride’s Lehenga

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 9th-Oct-2017

A very beautiful bride, flaunting her red lehenga with minimal jewelry is creating all the charm it deserves. While she effortlessly poses for all the pictures captured by Sharon Shyam Photography, we think that she has the most cutest smile ever! Yes, most and cutest, two extremities together. That’s how much we loved this bride’s pictures that were achieved with admirable ease. The couple’s names, Sherin and Tom embroidered on the lehenga’s drawstring (oh-so-romantic) is yet another amusement and uniquity that the bride chose to flaunt for the D-day just like her red lipstick, red rose and of course her very own ravishing red lehenga.


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