The Best Of 2019 - Most Expressive Candids Of 2019

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Date: 19th-Dec-2019

Candid photography holds special place in all our hearts as they capture the moment as it is. During an emotional event like weddings, where there is abundance of laughter, sadness, enjoyment and love, capturing candid becomes an ease. Here are our favorite candids from this year!

We love this bride’s expression! The stare she gives her hubby while he’s trying to be naughty in public… it’s priceless!

How cute are these couple? It’s sweet to watch this Indian bride help her Asian groom with his dothi.

It’s funny to watch the bride squirm as she releases the dove on her big day!

We adore this groom’s gesture as her admires his bride walk into the stage.

It’s funny to watch the bride squirm as she releases the dove on her big day!

The light moment between the mother and son is captured beautifully by one plus one studio.

We love the sneaky expression of the bride as she tries to get her way while the groom is distracted.

This is an adorable picture and the grandpa’s expression is cute and invaluable!

We love infectious laughter of these gossiping bride’s maids as they help the bride get ready!

The photographer has captured the joyful outbursts giving life to the picture!

The expressions of the playful groom and the shy bride are candidly caught in this click and we love the romance in the air!

This groom who helps his bride to clean the lipstick from her teeth is surely a keeper!

It’s always funny to see the comical expressions of brides. We love this chilled out bride and her amusing expressions!

Beauty is painful! Ask any woman who wear high heals and heavy earrings. The photographer has superbly captured the pain of the bride while decking up on her big day.


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