Best Of Blouses In 2017 Tailored By Our Super Talented Designers

Best Of Best

Date: 8th-Jan-2018

Designer blouses have become one of the most inevitable parts of wedding trousseau these days. The need for all blouses to be unique and different from each other has grown gradually and we kid you not we have the honor of pairing up with few very talented and delightful blouse designers. This year has been a challenging year for every designer since the need for authenticity and uniqueness grew larger than last year. Here we have a collection of blouse designs, designed, tailored and executed gloriously by our vendors that stole the show in the year 2017. 

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Blouses by - Turquoise Design Studio 

Blouses by - D.SIGN.D

Blouses by - Anya

Blouses by - Swaadh by Swapnaa Reddy

Blouses by - Golden Window

Blouses by - Shaams

Blouses by - Pootthaiyal

 Blouses by - Sruthi Kannath

Blouses by - @mantra-the-design-studioclothing#

Blouses by - @yuti-designer-houseclothing#

Blouses by - Nyshka Design Studio

Blouse by - Ekantha

Blouses by - @dithi-studio#

Blouses by - Shree's Ethnic Wear

Blouses by - Valentina's Adrika



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