Our Top Wedding Stories Of 2017 That Cultivated The Most Engrossment - Part 1

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Date: 23rd-Dec-2017

Wedding stories have been taking the most inevitable place in Shopzters' blogspot. The journey through-out has been legendary and all the wedding stories have been our favourite. Nevertheless, each wedding was a beautiful affair and it was an herculean task to choose the best among the best. With great difficulty and much happiness, here we are with the best weddings that gardened the most attention in the year 2017 and inspired all of us. These are our favourite weddings that slowly crawled their way into being a part of our major wedding goals list!

Kaavya and Rahul

All weddings have stories before and after them. Kavyas and Raghuls wedding did too. After all the planning, everything fell perfectly into place like pieces in a puzzle. She spoke on and on about all the delightful celebrations before and after the wedding ceremony. You can read about this big fat wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Vijay Eesam

Monica and Jagjith

Wedding is the life turning event in any girl’s life. Those memories stay afresh no matter how old you grow. What can be more memorable than designing your own outfit for your Special Day. Meet Monica, a charming bride who settled for nothing less than a stunner. You can read their wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Zero Gravity

Raghavi and Vignesh

Pretty, confident and enthusiastic, bride Raghavi was sure what she wanted and to that end took care to etch  every aspect of her wedding albeit in a relaxed manner. This bride also tells us how she fell in love with the groom's family first and then him! You can read her wedding story here.

Pic Courtesy - Rakesh Prakash

Priya and Vasanth

Marriage is not just about two people who pledge to spend their lives together but also about the people and beautiful moments that take place during the course of time. Our beautiful bride Priya talks about what made her wedding so special. Getting married has been one of the special moment of her life. We Indians have always been ardent fans of “Big Fat weddings” and Priya’s wedding was no less. You can read her wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Jeevan wedd art

Kalai and Manish Vikram

Have you ever wondered how exciting it would be if you meet your childhood sweetheart after so many years and get connected with them after all those years? We are going to get immersed in one such love story of Kalai and Manish Vikram. You can read their wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Varun Suresh

Sirisha and Prasanth

Honestly, when bride Sirisha sent in her pictures, we forgot to breathe for a moment! Such was the splendour of the photographs! Edward and Harsha Reddy have worked magic on the already beautiful bride with their make up and photographs!! You can read her wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Golden shutter

Nandhini and Hari

There is a famous saying ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ and Nandhini lives up to this. We think this girl values the inner beauty more and has found a beautiful person both in and out and that reflects in her talk. Nandhini is an adorable girl and we loved every bit talking to her. You can read her wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Mystic studios

Veena and Vinayak

Get ready to experience the visual treat and exciting story of Veena and Vinayak. To begin with, both the bride and the groom are a uniquely different combination. The bride being into real estate and the groom being a doctor. Their families knew each other for quite some time, but the bride and the groom never met each other. It was a proper arranged marriage! You can read their wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Jayachandra Photography

Bhramini and Abhishek

If there is a synonym for grandeur and extravaganza that would be Bhramini - Abhishek's wedding! Look at their wedding pictures and you know they are visual treat for your eyes. They both stole the show with their custom made outfits and jewellery. You can read their wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Lucky Malhothra

Pic courtesy - Stories by Joseph Radhik


Pic courtesy - Lucky Malhotra


Pavan and leelu

We bet none of you have forgotten Leelu and her engagement blouse ever since we featured her on our engagement diaries. Her engagement had an authentic flavour and traditional touch to everything. And the chirpy Leelu is married now and we were all ears to know every detail of her Sangeet and Wedding. Leelu is one of those girls with beauty with brains and after seeing the pictures we are sure her wedding would be the talk of the town. You can read her wedding story here.

Pic courtesy - Naga sai teja Photography

Saranya and Deepak

There are some people with whom you strike a chord instantly! You feel like you are talking to a long lost friend. Someone you’ve known for a long long time! That was how we felt when we got in touch with this feisty, ‘full-of-life’ bride Saranya. A Gynaecologist by profession, she gave her super tough Masters Clinical Exams when? A day after her wedding! And she cleared them too! Wow! Want to know more? You can read her wedding story here.

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