Top 8 Shopzters Engagement Stories That Stole Our Hearts In 2017

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Date: 22nd-Dec-2017

Engagements are events that ignite and enuncite love between the bride and the groom. It is known to be the first official declaration that the bride is the groom's and the groom, the bride's. Such events tend to be the most exciting since it's the first for both families and the couples as well. Cherishing such moments have made us feel honoured and we at Shopzters couldn't thank all the couples enough for sharing their first official unity with us. Here we are with a special set of the best of the best engagement stories that were featured in 2017, loved by all of us alike!

Vikas Alagarsamy and Navya Nirmal Kumar

The founder of , Vikas Alagarsamy has already been a part of various happy weddings. Well, why can’t he make one for himself just about right? Here’s the story of his typical ‘parents finding him the best match’ moment.

Pic courtesy - Zero gravity

Deepa and Abishek Raja

Deepa and Abishek had met over the casting of the movie VIP-2 and felt that they’ve known each other for a while. Later they part ways from the project since they were busy with their personal and professional works. What ended was the project but not the bond between the two. You can read their engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Ashok Arsh

Reshmika and Vishnu

With the abundant blessings from family and friends, Reshmika and Vishnu met over the typical “ponnu paakura” scenario. Reshmika told to us about how the love sprouted amongst them. You can read their engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Ifotos


Sharmila and Anurag

Sharmila and Anurag’s engagement is a treat to your eyes. The engagement was a beautiful ceremony. You can read their engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Vipin Photography


Sushmitha and Raj Gowtham

Story of Sushmitha and Raj Gowtham was taken a notch higher and bloomed through Raj’s sister Nirupa who was on Sushmitha’s side from the very beginning and made things work much better between the duo. You can read their engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Siraj Khan photography


Aiswharya and Rahul

Aiswarya and Rahul, post grads in medicine from Sri Ramachandra Uni. While the senior Rahul ragged his junior Aiswarya, there bloomed a rapport that took them through till their happy marriage. You can read their engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Memory lanes productions

Kiruthika and Vignesh

The tale of two entrepreneurs - a photographer & a wedding planner. They met at a function and the very first conversation they had was about the pictures Vignes took. Initially, They were just friends but after getting to know each other, they fell in love. In one year’s time, they spoke to their respective families and sealed their love. You can read their engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Ifotos


Kavya Gowda and Prasad

This couple is definitely one of a kind. This is a perfectly arranged marriage but here is the twist. In the process of groom hunting, Kavya Gowda is one adorable talkative girl and one whole day is not enough for us to listen to all her stories. She is all excited to share us the entire details of how it happened,the process and the rituals they have gone through the engagement. You can read here engagement story here.

Pic courtesy - Minchu studio


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