15 Brides Who Proved Green Is Still The Most Preferred Blouse Color For The Red Saree

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Many women drape a saree as a symbol of their culture, tradition, and values, but very few manage to pull off the look with ultimate grace. This album features some trendsetting moments of women dressed in a red saree with a green blouse and adorned with jewelry that makes them stand miles apart from the crowd. 

The austere look combined with a perfect scenery is truly a feast for the eyes. A picture might say a thousand words, but what makes a perfect picture?  A smile, a coy look and a red saree with a complementing  green blouse!

Photo credits : My winks 

For more pictures of this beautiful bride click here.

Photo credits : Ifotos

For more pictures of this beautiful bride click here.

Photo credits : Jeevan Photography

Photo credits : Ashwin kireet 

Photo credits : studio31 

Photo credits : Sai ram 

Photo credits : Halcon Photography

Photo credits : RVR Pro

Photo credits : Sairam Photography  


Photo credits : Mystic Studios 

Photo credits : Lumiere Photography 

Photo credits : Vipin 

Photo credits : Mantra design studio 


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