15 Cold Shoulder Blouse Ideas To Mark Your Big Day With Style

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Date: 3rd-Nov-2017

With the advent of several other inventions in the field of fashion and couture, it has all come down to the day where women adore themselves with cut sleeves or fondly called as cold shoulder sleeves. While these cold shoulders were primarily and popularly seen in western outfits, it has now evolved to our traditional saree blouses as well. These cold shoulders are just too damn irresistible. For women who would want to add a dash of western couture into their traditional attires, here are a collection of cold shoulder blouses you shall never miss trying!  

Pic courtesy - Ashwin Kireet 

Pic courtesy - Aswin suresh 

Pic courtesy - Studio Clickz


Pic courtesy - Aswin Suresh 

Pic courtesy - Dot dn

Pic courtesy - Studio Clickz

Pic courtesy - Studio clickz  

Pic courtesy - Aswin Suresh

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