15 Mehndi Looks For South Indian Brides To Be Inspired By

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Date: 21st-Jun-2018

With the gradual impact of the North Indian culture over the South Indian rituals, Mehndi ceremonies have become an inevitable part of everything. These mehndi ceremonies hold so much glitz and glamour that even Bollywood movies will fail to showcase the very same charm and charisma these events offer. Here are a few to-dos, handy outfit ideas for our super cute and extra classy south Indian brides to try on to add some zest to their mehndi looks on their glitzy mehndi nights.


Credits - The Memory Writers

Credits - Rakesh Prakash

Credits - The Memory Writers

Credits - Once Upon A Time

Credits - RVR Pro

Credits - Nura Photography

Credits - Karan Soma Photography

Credits - Sunil Emmar

Credits - Mmeory Lanes

Credits - Memory Lanes

Credits - Memory Lanes

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