15 Of Our Favourite Moments With Brides Wearing Gold Veils

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Date: 4th-Oct-2017

The shade of Gold, the yellow-orange colour blend, is something that speaks of magnificence and brilliance. What if a bride chose to wear it on her for her big day? Well, undoubtedly she is about to ooze out of magnificence and ultimate brilliance. The colour gold goes so well with almost all kinds of shades and as simple as it sounds, it is not always easy to pull off an all-golder. And, if you still have, there you have it all, you’re already a queen. Here are few of our favourite brides who have pulled off a glam-all outfit by sporting the golden veil. Check it out and fall in love as much as we did.

Pic Courtesy - RVR Pro 

Pic Courtesy - Aswin Suresh Photography 

Pic Courtesy - Aashish Photography 

Pic Courtesy - Krishnan 

Pic Courtesy - Aashish Photography 

Pic Courtesy - KLIK Pictures 

Pic Courtesy - Harsha Reddy Photography 

Pic Courtesy - Lucky Malhotra 

Pic Courtesy - Minchu studios 

Pic Courtesy - KLIK Pictures 

Pic Courtesy - Krishnan 

Pic Courtesy - Ashwin Kireet

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