18 Brides Who Chose To Wear Pink Veil On Their Big Day

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Date: 26th-Sep-2017

Pink, as the shade looks and sounds so subtle, it can also be braved to a very great extent. With most brides who want to go with a touch of subtlety and who would also want to shout out elegance, this shade will be your go-to colour to show the world that you are about to take the cliché and tweak it  a great deal. The album that contains the best of all our favourite pink veil moments are not going to leave you all before you all take  a closer look at it, at least for about ten consecutive times.

Picture Courtesy -  Savitha Patil Photography

Pic Courtesy - RVR Pro 

Pic Courtesy - Vijayeesam

Pic Courtesy - Sumuhurtham Photography 

Pic Courtesy -  Golden Shutter

Pic Courtesy -  Sunil Emmar Photography 

Pic Courtesy - Kamal Kiran Photography 

Pic Courtesy -  Aswin Suresh Photography 

Pic Courtesy -  Aswin Suresh Photography 

Pic Courtesy -  Sumuhurtham Photography 

Pic Courtesy - Vijayeesam 

Pic Courtesy - Aashish Photography 

Pic Courtesy - Krishnam Photography

Pic Courtesy - Golden Shutter 

Pic Courtesy - Golden Shutter 

Pic Courtesy - Minchu Studio 

Pic Courtesy -  Ashwin Kireet

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