20 Nethichutti Designs Every Bride Must Check Out

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Date: 4th-Jul-2018

Nethichuttis give these brides a kind of glow that no other accessory does. Believe it or not, a bride's wedding look doesn't get fulfilled without the long strand of nethichutti that hangs over her forehead. These nethichutti have come in all shapes and sizes these days that we often get confused on what to choose and where to buy them. We have a few never seen before kind of designs that you guys might as well love and take inspirations from for your big days to come.


Credits - Lumiere 


Credits - Kiinjal Mehta

Credits - Weva Photography

Credits - WFA

Credits - Sara Ganesh Makeup Artist

Credits -  Weva Photography

Credits - Tamanna Makeup

Credits - Lumiere

Credits - Reena Paiva


Credits - Pink Trends

Credits - Reena Paiva

Credits - Tamanna Makeup

Credits - Jeevan Photography

Credits - Studio 31

Credits - Harishankar Photography

                                                                                                                                     Credits -  Tamanna Makeup

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