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Date: 16th-May-2020

Sheetal Reddy wed her soul mate Prithvi when their parents urged them to meet. Once they both said “yes”, Sheetal went on a shopping spree all across India from Chennai, Kanchipuram, Mumbai to Banaras. 

For the engagement, Sheetal wanted to wear a Banaras silk sari and went all he way to Banaras with her mom, mother-in-law and her fiancé. She chose a beautiful Banaras silk sari from Taj saris, Kashi. To match her ensemble, they custom-made a dress from material customized for them by porchumpally weavers.

During her sangeeth, Sheetal opted for two lehengas, one was a Kavitha Agarwal lehenga and another from Moksha, Chennai, while the groom wore clothes form Kora Store.

Her bridal shower ensemble was a silk sari. She wanted to wear a red silk sari which they purchased from Prakash Silks, Kanchipuram.

For her wedding Sheetal wanted to wear a kanjeevaram that looked unique and not the regular traditional colours. She was pointed by a silk shop retailer to look at a photo of the sari Prakash Silks sari that they had specially woven for their daughter-in-law. After their request, Prakash silks wove the same sari in the unique and beautiful colour of sea green and gold.

For reception Sheetal Reddy chose to wear a red lehenga with a fabric she bought in Mumbai on her way to her bachelorette.

 She looked great in all her beautiful ensembles and we love a woman who who would go across the country to wear her dream trousseau on her big day!

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