A Conceptual Photo-shoot Solely Dedicated For All The Jewellery Lovers Out There!

Bridal Fashions, Trends and Ideas

Date: 10th-Oct-2017

Brides, you really ought to take note of these bridal looks done by the team for a magazine called “Aval Manamagal”. Styling the model in different looks and hair-dos in vogue is Viji from Bronzer Bridal Makeup Artist . All classy and elegant jewellery, were curated by Viji of Bronzer Bridal Jewellery.  The different outfits were designed with perception and perseverance by Jeevitha Perumal of D.SIGN.D. This curated album consisting of different looks for different brides from different culture has been beautifully captured by Jeevan wedding arts. We are sure that these various looks that we spotted here will surely give you some serious bridal goals!


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